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Cuba Flag

The national flag of Cuba commemorates the fights and wars against Spanish rule over Cuba. The Venezuelan General Naciso Lopez played a significant role in the making of the national Cuban flag. General Lopez belonged to free masonry and had humanist and republican ideals.  All his ideals and inspiration determined the national flag of Cuba. After having discussed with the poet Miguel Teurbe Tolon about what he wanted to be included in it, the poet drew and designed the flag. The latter was afterwards embroidered by his wife Emila Tolon. The flag with ratio length to width of 1: 2 is full of symbolism: red represents the blood shed by the Cuban patriots and their ancestors for their freedom; blue that the island of Cuba is surrounded by the sea; and white, the purity and fairness of their cause. The three equilateral triangles with its three equal angles and sides symbolise the equal rights and justice that every citizen of Cuba should enjoy while sending us back to the French Republican ideology of liberty, fraternity and equality. The five stars with one pointing to the north symbolises harmony between the social and moral ideals that should guide an independent country. The three stripes represent the three original districts of Cuba.

On the 19 May 1850, the flag was first hoisted in the Province of Matanzas by the anti-Spanish troops. On that same day, the Venezuela General Narciso Lopez and the Cuban liberation movement launched an attack on the City of Cardenas. The battle was unsuccessful but this strengthened their liberation movements. The War of independence started on 10 October 1868 and six months later on 11 April 1869, the Constituent Assembly of Cuba, held in Guaimaro, accepted the flag as their national emblem. During the following nineteen years in their struggle for independence, the national flag accompanied them their struggle against Spanish rule. Cuba became independent in the year 1902 and ever since it has been used in the formal ceremonies and punctuated life of Cuban nationals.

Cuba Flag

Inland and overseas, the national flag plays an important role. With its republican and democratic ideals of justice, freedom and equality, the national Cuban flag has inspired other nations among others the Puerto Rico and Philippines.





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