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Cuba Education

Under American occupation 1898 to 1902 the education level in Cuba was equal to American standards. Cuban teachers were sent for training in the United States to learn about their method of teaching and learning. The American administration even translated their American textbooks in Spanish to be used in Cuban schools.

Though after the access to independence, the constitution guarantees equality of chances to all Cuban, this was not the case. Limited resources prevented all Cubans to have access to education on the island. A great disparity existed between rural and urban schools.


Cuba Education

Nowadays, the education system in Cuba is managed by the State with the Ministry of Education responsible of the pre-primary, primary and secondary sectors and Ministry of Higher Education for the universities and other higher educational institutions. Both ministries regulate and decide of the policy of their respective educational institutions.

The education system in Cuba is based on the Marxist Leninist ideology. Article 8 in the constitution stipulates: “Society and the state work for the efficient protection of the youth against influences contrary to their communist formation.’

In Cuba, education is free and compulsory. From the age of 4 to 18, the Cuban has to attend school. No payment is required from the students and they get financial support to meet their living and medical expenses but as they turn fifteen they have to work a month per year either in the agricultural sector or the community for the state.

Since 1961, there are no private schools or institutions in socialist Cuba. After the Cuban revolution all the educational institutions including parochial schools were nationalised. The objective of the Cuban socialist government was to deliver a quality education to every Cuban irrespective of gender ethnicity religious or background. The education system was a success with the increase in the literacy rate to 96% among the Cuban population and half of the degree holders being women. The harsh economic conditions in the 1992 with the collapse of the western block the government has to decrease the funds allocated to education in the national budget.

However, it should be stressed that education in Cuba exercise control over the citizens. With the Cumulative School File (CSF) which not only record the level attained but also their adherence to the party communist ideology, the student is prevented to be fulfilled. No freedom of thought and expression is allowed for the Cuban student for it may curtail the choices and career opportunities in their lives.




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