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A Cuba classic purple car is a beautiful view for card sent from Cuba to your friends. The view will confirm their thoughts about Cuba related invariably of tobacco, rum, classic American cars from the 50s. But there is more about Cuba: everything smells like summer, the vegetation is rich, with many varieties of palms, coconuts, huge oleanders, roses of Sharon. All of these are growing free, caressed by sun. The locals are not all disturbed by the fact that they have to stop their classic purple car in the middle of the street to turn more some strange liquid of brown color as carburant in the tank. You can find everything about Havana in just one day. It is not a place full of culture where to visit art museums is worthy. But Havana has a non repeatable charm through the city itself. The city is declared a UNESCO monument and is understandable why. The colonial buildings and the downtown are preserved, maybe because of the lack of money, and for their historical value. The capital’s downtown is a mix of streets that meet in few little squares, Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas. The local artists are all over the place working on black coral jewelries or naÔvely painting their meaning of the world. Havana means walks on Malecon, a boulevard that has about 7 kilometers on the ocean` s shore. In the evening hundreds of young people spend their loves on Malecon. The samba, rumba or cha cha tunings can be heard everywhere. Sometimes you can see the locals dancing. They are peaceful and look with allowance to the tourists arrived from so long distances to see them. They pose. Some of them do it with professionalism, are dressed in colonial style and putting a huge cigar in the mouth just pose.



Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba American Classic Cars


American Classic Cars


Cuba Blue Chevrolet in Trinidad


 Cuba Blue Chevrolet


Cuba Classic Cars Parking


 Classic Cars Parking


Cuba Classic Green Chevrolet


Classic Green Chevrolet


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Nike Sticker on Classic Car


Sticker on Classic Car


Old Taxi in Havana


Old Taxi in Havana


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Red Chevrolet from 1950


Cuba Red Chevrolet



















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