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An old taxi in Havana is something that you can see everyday, especially because in Cuba are may types of cabs. The taxis called Panataxi are only for tourists and you must have a contract with them for a certain number of hours or even days. These taxis can be found in front of the restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, cabarets, etc. The Turistaxi is also for tourists but you have to be careful because they have bigger prices. The normal taxis can be taken everywhere but they are in a large number. If you take a taxi and see that the taximeter is not working this is because you can negotiate the price with the driver. The colectivos are the taxis for the local people; they should not take tourists but some of the drivers don’t respect the rule for the sake of some extra money. The boteros are the particular cabs. These are private cars with no license and use to sit in the important points of the cities. The piqueras are the taxi stops. In the big cities you can take a bike-taxi, a very practical way of visiting the most important places of a Cuban city. And economically speaking is more advantageous since the price is lower. In Havana you can find bike-taxi with 2 places and in some cities, such as Baracoa, bike-taxi with one place. The Cubans are about to resolve the common transport crisis. The president Raul Casto allows them to transform their cars in taxis. The locals are happy about it and say that, although it doesn’t totally resolve the crisis, it brings them money. So far, to get ride of the jam, the Cubans use their bikes. According to the law, the owners of cars will be able to fix their own costs.



Cuba Old Taxi in Havana


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba American Classic Cars


American Classic Cars


Cuba Blue Chevrolet in Trinidad


 Cuba Blue Chevrolet


Cuba Classic Cars Parking


 Classic Cars Parking


Cuba Classic Green Chevrolet


Classic Green Chevrolet


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Nike Sticker on Classic Car


Sticker on Classic Car


Old Taxi in Havana


Old Taxi in Havana


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Red Chevrolet from 1950


Cuba Red Chevrolet



















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