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Cuba Ford taxi is one of the numerous taxis you can take while visiting Cuba. The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational corporation situated on the 3rd place in the world at automobile production. In 2006, it occupied the second place in USA at the automobiles production with a quota of 17,5% in General Motors` back which had a 24.6% quota but in front of Toyota company (15.4%) and of Daimler Chrysler company (14.4%). Ford also occupied the 7 place in the top of the biggest USA companies with incomes of about $160 billions. About 6.6 millions of cars were produced by Ford in 2006 and 280.000 persons were hired in 100 factories. The Ford Company had other facilities all over the world. Having the centre in Deaborn-Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, the automobile producer was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. Over the time Ford included other concerns such as Lincoln and Mercury in USA, Jaguar and Land Rover in United Kingdom or Volvo in Sweden. Ford also has 30% from Mazda. Ford have been always in the top 10 of the world's bigger companies regarding the incomes and in 1999 it was among the most profitable companies in the world and the second biggest automobiles producer in the world. Ford introduced different models of mass automobile producing and of the mass management of an industrial work force, especially the production on conveyor belt of the cars. The combination of Henry Ford of efficient factories, well paid workers and small prices revolutionized the automobile’s world and this process was known under the name of ‘Fordism’. With such a very good description of the Ford Company we hope that you will choose a Cuba Ford taxi with pleasure.



Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba American Classic Cars


American Classic Cars


Cuba Blue Chevrolet in Trinidad


 Cuba Blue Chevrolet


Cuba Classic Cars Parking


 Classic Cars Parking


Cuba Classic Green Chevrolet


Classic Green Chevrolet


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Nike Sticker on Classic Car


Sticker on Classic Car


Old Taxi in Havana


Old Taxi in Havana


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Red Chevrolet from 1950


Cuba Red Chevrolet



















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