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Walking along the Cuban streets one is bemused by the numerous American classic cars that are parked. Blue, white, red, yellow green or purple shining in the sun, the American classic cars form part of the Cuban urban and rural life. There is no need to walk in an auto show in the big American or European cities when you are in Cuba. In every street, in every corner, classic cars are there for one to gaze. The cars though built in the years1925 to 1950 are unique and still in good condition. Despite the embargo on the country since the Cuban revolution, the spare parts and engines not available on the Cuban market, the Cuban artisans through their creativity and ingenuity have managed to keep the car running. Used as taxis or rented for great occasions like weddings, the American classic cars are of great monetary and sentimental value to the Cubans.



Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba American Classic Cars


American Classic Cars


Cuba Blue Chevrolet in Trinidad


 Cuba Blue Chevrolet


Cuba Classic Cars Parking


 Classic Cars Parking


Cuba Classic Green Chevrolet


Classic Green Chevrolet


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Nike Sticker on Classic Car


Sticker on Classic Car


Old Taxi in Havana


Old Taxi in Havana


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Red Chevrolet from 1950


Cuba Red Chevrolet



















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