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The Cuba coco taxis are some yellow cars, with small dimensions, can be seen in Havana and in Varadero. Don’t let yourself gulled by the way these cars look: they may be small but they can touch a pretty high speed. The coco taxis are used as taxis to transport persons so you may try them when you visit Havana for example. You can take this taxi from your hotel to the downtown, even for the pleasure of a trip with such type of taxi. It will be a funny experience that costs about 10 cuc (the Cuba’s currency. The price may vary; it is cheaper than the rest of the taxis and can be negotiated. This funny and interesting orange travel way will be one of the most pleasant memories of your trip to Cuba. This enjoyable way of visiting Cuba was called the Coco taxis by the locals because of their spherical shape; the car looks like a huge coconut. The car’s fiberglass and plastic bodywork are combined in a big round shape. There are hundreds of Coco taxis in Havana only. What you have to know is that the black Coco taxi with yellow is for the locals and the yellow Coco taxi is for the tourists. Starting with 2008 all the Cuban taxi companies are included under the name of Cuba taxi. Some of them are still working with their old name, such as Panatax, a company that it seems to be the cheapest one. The Transgaviota, Turistaxi and Taxi Ok have expensive prices. If you want to take a taxi without a meter you have to tell the driver the price you offer prior getting in the cab. If the cab has the meter, 1 is the code at the daytime and 4 is the code at the nigh time.



Cuba Coco taxis


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba Classic Cars


Cuba American Classic Cars


American Classic Cars


Cuba Blue Chevrolet in Trinidad


 Cuba Blue Chevrolet


Cuba Classic Cars Parking


 Classic Cars Parking


Cuba Classic Green Chevrolet


Classic Green Chevrolet


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Coco Taxis


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Ford Taxi


Cuba Nike Sticker on Classic Car


Sticker on Classic Car


Old Taxi in Havana


Old Taxi in Havana


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Purple Classic Car


Cuba Red Chevrolet from 1950


Cuba Red Chevrolet



















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