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Cuba Climate

Cuba lies in the tropic of cancer in the northern part of the hemisphere. Its geographical location plays an important role in its weather. The climate is influenced by its atmospheric pressure zone the north-east trade winds in summer and east north-east wind in winter as well as the warm ocean currents and the gulf streams all the year round. The climate is said to be tropical or tropical oceanic for it has a rainy and wet season with warm temperatures.

In the year, there are two seasons: the first being a dry and hot season and the second one a rainy season. The annual average temperature in Cuba is 25.5° Celsius and its humidity in the air is about 80% all year round. The temperature in the coldest month is 22.5° Celsius and the warmest month 27.8 °Celsius.

From November to April the climate is hot and dry. It is therefore the peak season for those wishing to visit the country and these months are also the busiest time for the tourist industry.
The rainy season, also known as the hurricane season, is from May to October. This is the season where Cubans have to take precaution and be on look out for the weather bulletins. The western region is most exposed to them. About 0 to 5 hurricanes visit the island per year.

Cuba with its tropical climate has its citizens wear light clothes all year round. Because of the high percentage of humidity Cubans have to wear cotton clothes. Wearing synthetic clothes is most uncomfortable as it clings to the skin and does not absorb sweat.





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